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Dr Oneeka appeared on YouTube numerous occasions, usually for interviews and awards. Below are some of the notable videos.

On Twitter Likes & Followers

Dr Dee Dee Dynamo has a corporate presence on Twitter but Dr Oneeka does not have a personal presence on Twitter. The proliferation of Twitter bots means a substantial traffic on Twitter is questionable, making investment on the platform unattractive. Twitter bots are able to automatically emulate Twitter followers, Twitter likes and Twitter retweets without any human intervention. Even websites that claim to allow its users to buy Appsally real Twitter verification followers or even Twidium Twitter free followers are likely to be powered by bots (though we do not have proof to support this claim). Twitter does not seems to take the bot problem seriously, choosing to hide Twitter likes to increase engagement rather than stopping the bot rampage.

On Press

Black Enterprise Article Featuring Dr. Oneeka Williams “Paying It Forward: How One Doctor Uses Children’s Books to Promote Science Careers–Dr. Oneeka Williams made a childhood dream reality, inspiring other girls of color around the world”– Feature story about Dr. Williams by Janell Hazelwood on the website for Black Enterprise Magazine (May 26, 2015)

Meet The Author Interview with Dr. Oneeka Williams An 18 minute AUDIO interview by London broadcaster Viv Oyolu.

Interview with Dr. Oneeka Williams Exceptional Women Podcasts –Guyanese Online–AUDIO interview. Sue Tabb talks with Dr. Oneeka Williams, a surgeon and children’s book author who has found a unique way of getting young children excited about science and exploration. Listen in for a candid conversation with Dr. Oneeka Williams and a peek into the adventures of her character, Doctor Dee Dee Dynamo!

Dr. Oneeka Williams on CityLine with Karen Holmes Ward March 3, 2013 – TELEVISION INTERVIEW. WCBV, Channel 5, Boston, Massachusetts (ABC affiliate). Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo’s Mission to Pluto author Dr. Oneeka Williams discusses her early influences and inspiration for her story line and characters.

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