An Author

As an author, Dr. Oneeka Williams has a MISSION to EDUCATE, EMPOWER & ENRICH

She is committed to creating a framework for children to believe that 

“Not Even the Sky is the Limit!”

Dr. Oneeka’s Goals as An Author:

  1. To share the excitement and love that I have for being a doctor and a surgeon with young readers.
  2. To create an action figure that brings strong, positive and powerful images for girls of all colors.
  3. To introduce in Children’s Literature, a counter narrative to some of the stereotypical images in the media.
  4. To stimulate interest in the sciences for all kids, but especially girls, by presenting learning facts in a fun way.
  5. To promote the importance of literacy.

Dr. Oneeka Williams is on a mission to ‘Educate, Empower and Enrich’ the lives of children, especially girls towards a greater interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.  As Founder and President of Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo LLC, Dr Williams has developed a mechanism to engage children in the joys of science at an early age. Her belief is that by planting the seeds of curiosity, incorporating science content into an entertainment platform and delivering the message in the form of a powerful, confident girl character, she will be create early imprinting of what is possible thus dispelling the common childhood belief, that scientists are ‘old, white men with spectacles’.

Anyone can be an affiliate to promote Dr Dee Dee’s books. One of the best marketing channel for books publisher would definitely be on Reddit. There are many subreddits such as /r/books/ whereby books with the most upvotes would receive the highest exposure. However, please do not engage to buy upvotes activities. There are many reasons why buying upvotes is not recommended and doing so would get your affiliate membership terminated.

Furthermore, by creating interest, confidence and proficiency at an early age, Dr. Williams believes that this will have a profound impact on increasing the percentage of women and underrepresented minorities entering STEM careers. Consequently, the implications for economic empowerment and the eventual effects on health disparities in these groups can be life altering.

After completing a BA in Biophysics at Johns Hopkins University, her MD, MPH at Harvard Medical School and School of Public Health and surgical training at MGH and Lahey Clinic, Dr. Williams has combined her love of science, medicine and public health and writing to create global impact.  She has published a series of children’s books featuring Dr. Dee Dee DynamoSuper Surgeon on the Go, which has been embraced by children and educators across the country and various parts of the world.  The goal is to build a multi-media vehicle that will touch every child.

Dr. Williams is a distinguished Urologic Surgeon at St Elizabeth’s Medical Center and Assistant Clinical Professor at Tufts Medical School. She is a tireless mentor to girls and students, a dedicated leader in multiple community organizations, an innovator and visionary who also shares her passion and knowledge by speaking frequently to both children and adults on STEM, literacy and health related topics.  She is committed to encouraging excellence, and inspiring especially girls and children of color that, in the words of Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo, ‘NOT EVEN THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!’


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